Outdoor cooking heats up

With the continued popularity of outdoor cooking, manufacturers are looking for new ways to keep the spark alive.

The focus of 2012 is all-in-one work areas, multi-functional grills and continuing to innovate accessories for easier and fun cooking experiences. 

With a 24/7 lifestyle many are now living, having everything in one place is always ideal, and desired. New units are focusing on this with refrigerators, beverage centers, brick ovens and other cooking elements built right in.

Safety is still first in 2012

You will see even more innovations, from new proptanks that that will sit upright in the trunk or backseat, to grills that use a blower system that do not use propane or other explosive fuel.

Accessories are continuning to be in the forefront of innovations this year. From all-in-one grilling utensils with heat shield grips to ensure you can grill your food and still beat the heat. Attachments include fish flippers, fork attachment and barbecue sauce attachment.

To learn more about what new, visit – http://www.hpba.org 


And remember, to keep those mosquitoes away from your yard, call – Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids at 616-662-1103


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