Campground Protection

The sounds of summer are so familiar: the crash of waves on the shore, the crack and boom of fireworks, the sizzle of hot dogs on the grill, and the buzz of that summertime menace — the mosquito. These pesky pests can turn a pleasant summer outing into an exercise in itching. This season, there’s a new, repellent for your outdoor area that will simply and effectively keep bloodsucking bugs from ruining your backyard bliss – the Mosquito Squad ALLCLEAR Mosquito Mister Universal Pest Solutions

o Protects up to 2,000 sq. ft. — ideal for patios, decks, and smaller yards.
o Cordless, wheeled design for easy mobility and placement in any yard
o Rechargeable, long-lasting battery
o Remote starter for activation at a distance
o No assembly required
o Removable battery pack for convenient recharging
o Telescoping handle for easy, comfortable mobility
o No assembly required
o 1.5-year Limited Warranty
o Concentrate sold separately
Protect your campsite, the yard at the cottage, the deck of your summer home this summer with this Mosquito Misting system. Portable, easy to use and very affordable.
On sale now for $250.00 ea. Hurry supplies are limited.


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