Mosquito Control for your yard - safe for family and pets

We’ve all heard the theories of how to soothe those itchy, annoying mosquito bites once we have them. At Mosquito Squad, we believe that effective mosquito control is the best way to avoid mosquito bites, but what if you do get bitten? Here are some interesting ideas on how to stop the itching before those bites drive you crazy. (Note: I haven’t tried all of these so I’m not sure if they actually work).

Baking Soda – From cleaning to keeping your refrigerator fresh, the uses for baking soda around the home are endless. To soothe mosquito bites, make a thicker paste out of baking soda and water. Dab it onto the bite. You can also shake some baking soda onto the bite after a shower and rub it in.

Lemons – Rubbing a slice of lemon on a mosquito bite can stop the itching at the moment, and, because…

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