Mosquito Control for your yard - safe for family and pets

Yesterday I received a call from one of our franchisees, Colleen, who provides mosquito control in Columbia. It had just been reported that West Nile was just confirmed in a popular part of town. We discussed ways for her to let her clients and the community know about the disease, what to look for and ways to protect themselves.

Mosquitoes transmit West NileUnfortunately, confirmed cases of West Nile are on the rise across the country. Each year, Vector Control programs catch and test mosquitoes for population variations and any diseases that may be present in the bugs. Just this week, there have been confirmed cases in Columbia, SC, Boston, MA, Naperville, IL, Fremont County, CO and many more areas. The Centers for Disease control track West Nile throughout the year and up-to-date information can be found on their website.

West Nile virus is a serious disease that is carried and transmitted by…

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