Mosquito Control for your yard - safe for family and pets

Before I get into acorns and Lyme disease, I want to rewind to the fall of 2010 and the war that occurred in my yard. My husband and I have several large oak trees on our property that always brings us hours of raking; however, in 2010 something very different happened. Acorns happened.  It was like a war zone. They’d fall on your head when you were walking out to your car. They would fall on the house all the time scaring the dog (he’s a baby). And then we had to rake them up on top of all the leaves (and pull them out of the ground in the case of when they’ve already begun to root).

My husband and I discussed multiple times how bad the acorns were that year. Now news is coming out that yes, 2010 was a big year for acorns and that it played…

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