Mosquito Control for your yard - safe for family and pets

I read all of the service requests from the Mosquito Squad website and lately I’ve noticed a trend: the dreaded stink bugs have returned! For those of you that have heard about this “so-called invasion,” but haven’t seen it for yourself, trust me, it’s real.

Stink bugs are native to China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan and weren’t found in the United States until 1998. The pest was accidentally brought to the East Coast in some kind of shipping crate and has since thrived in its new environment. According to some researchers, brown marmorated stink bugs are now present in 38 states.

Any guesses as to why they are called stink bugs? To state the obvious, it’s because they stink. Like skunks, stink bugs release an odor when they feel threatened. For stink bugs, it is released via glands on their stomach. I did some research to see what they stink…

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