Neighborhood Mosquito Control

Do you live in a neighborhood with walking paths, common areas, and pools or do you live in a community where all of the outdoor space is one big common area? Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids provides broad scale mosquito control to entire communities, including but not limited to areas around clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, administrative buildings, golf courses, jogging paths, nature trails, park areas and yards. We design an outdoor mosquito control program taliored to each community’s specific needs.

Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids Neighborhood Mosquito Program works like our Barrier Treatments, but on a larger scale. Without using mosquito traps, mosquito dunks or other various mosquito contraptions we have the ability to treat an entire neighborhood using our precise backpack sprayers.

With the Neighborhood Program, treatment is generally applied every 21 days. Treatment includes Larvaciding of breeding areas such as catch basins, swamps, ditches and other stagnant water areas. Our technicians then perform Barrier Treatment Sprays.

Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids provides mosquito control efforts that are nature-friendly, because the staff stay ahead of the hatches, monitor the populations and the effectiveness of their treatments, and use target-specific larvacides and water-based sprays to minimize their impact on other species but are extremely effective on the targets.” – A Neighborhood Customer


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