Mosquito Control for your yard - safe for family and pets

For years experts have recommended anyone spending time outdoors to apply deet to the skin to ward off mosquitoes. A new study, however, is finding that mosquitoes aren’t as repelled by deet as we thought.

Deet was first created by US Military during World War II and in 1957 was introduced to American households. The oil is a main ingredient in most bug sprays and is said to protect against mosquito and tick bites when applied to the skin. The bugs are supposedly repelled by the smell and back away when introduced to it.

Deet, in some areas, is becoming less effective against mosquito bites. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine decided to test the theory that mosquitoes become immune to deet. As Dr. James Logan from the school explains; “The more we can understand about how repellents work and how mosquitoes detect them, the better we can…

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