Malaria No More/ Imagine No Malaria

Emory Church Hosting Walkathon

How cool! A church in Virginia is helping support Malaria No More in their own way!

Emory United Methodist Church will host a walkathon Sunday, May 19, with a goal of raising $20,000 for the Imagine No Malaria campaign, an effort of the United Methodist Church. Emory United Methodist Church hopes to raise $10,000 from the walkathon with matching funds to be provided up to $10,000 from the Dow Legacy, which was contributed to the church by the late Alice and Loren Dow. This fundraiser will contribute to the United Methodist Church’s goal of raising $75 million worldwide to help end malaria deaths in Africa. Emory United Methodist Church is part of the Holston Conference, which has a goal of $1 million for the malaria campaign. Funds will be used for prevention, education and treatment of malaria.
You can help them raise this money just by sponsoring them! Every dollar counts and can help save lives!
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” -Gandhi

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