Do Mosquitoes Serve A Purpose?

What Purpose Do Mosquitoes Have?

What is the purpose of a mosquito?
What is the purpose of a mosquito?

Mosquitoes seem to serve no other purpose than to be the uninvited guest at all of our outdoor functions. They buzz, they bite, and just seem to annoy everyone! It is hard to imagine life without mosquitoes, but can we survive without them

We know they make great food for birds, frogs, fish, spiders, and other animals. Mosquitoes make up a small part of the diet of some, but others like the mosquitofish, which specializes in eating the larvae, might become extinct. But most other animals already eat enough of something else, or could change their diet, so they wouldn’t go hungry without mosquitoes.

Without mosquitoes disease among humans would decrease, if the mosquitoes that spread malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, west nile, and other sicknesses all disappeared! With that being said, fewer people would die, so we would have more people here on Earth, especially in the countries that are already having trouble supporting their populations. Humans would be healthier, more productive, and would not have to spend time caring for so many that are sick.

Plants need pollination
Plants need pollination

Mosquito Larvae consume organic matter in the wetlands, helping recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem. Different larvae and other water dwelling creatures also do the same and could take over that job. Adult mosquitoes feed on nectar as well as blood–in fact, nectar is all the adult males eat. Plants may suffer due to lack of pollinators if mosquitoes stopped visiting.

When imagining a world without mosquitoes, you must imagine that they were killed in a way that was harmless to other creatures, and that’s part of the reason we can’t just eliminate them, as much as we’d like to! Insecticides will kill not only the mosquitoes, but other animals too. Even specially targeted natural larvicides, kill a few closely related species such as black flies and gnats.

The thought of every living thing having a vital place in nature may not be enough to plead the mosquito’s case. So even though mosquitoes don’t seem to have a purpose, other than to cause us annoyance and misery, we can’t just get rid of them right now, without doing more harm to other species that are more useful.


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