20 Facts about Ticks!

SW Michigan Mosquito Squad

  1. Although commonly referred to as insects, ticks are technically arachnids.
  2. Ticks are classified as parasites since they all feed on the blood of host animals.
  3. Tick species number in the hundreds, but only a handful typically transmits disease to humans.
  4. The ticks of greatest concern in the US are the blackegged tick (also known as the deer tick in the eastern US), the Lone Star tick, and the dog tick.
  5. Ticks do not jump or fly. Typically, they transfer to hosts by waiting on tall grass and crawling aboard when a mammal happens by.
  6. Ticks can be active when the ground temperature is above 45 degrees Farenheit.
  7. TicksTicks that endanger humans also choose deer hosts and are usually prevalent wherever deer are found.
  8. Tick bites often go undetected because they do not hurt or itch.
  9. Ticks that enter your home can live there for extended periods.
  10. There are two familiesā€¦

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